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Jim Zinger, CSP has been introducing audiences to the power of their own minds for 30 years. Jim's unique, innovative, high-powered programs guide his audiences through a time-proven process that shows them how, NOW, to achieve maximum results. His highly acclaimed programs teach participants how to succeed with ease in all areas of their life. He pioneered the use of self-hypnosis in business and industry, and remains a leader in the field of corporate motivation and personal empowerment. Combine your own depth of knowledge and instincts with Jim's proven strategies and techniques to experience the power of your own possibilities today!   Click for Topics

Dan Poynter is the author of 72 books and the grandfather of thousands more. His seminars have been featured on CNN, his books have been pictured in The Wall Street Journal, and his story has been told in U.S. News & World Report. The media comes to him because he is the leading authority on nonfiction book writing and publishing. As a speaker, Dan emotionally charges his audiences. His enthusiasm for his topic is infectious, and his examples and anecdotes cause participants to come up with breakthrough ideas. Dan is the name speaker who will produce a greater turnout for your event, and who will deliver a presentation they'll be talking about for years to come.  Click for Topics

Bob Ayrer is a thirty-year veteran of business and selling, and is himself an American success story! He's the "been there, done that" speaker who provides his audiences with the "how-to's" of coping with today's changing business environment. His practical, nuts-and-bolts approach to the discipline of selling transcends all industries, translating into bottom-line results. Bob mixes "Ha Ha" with "Ah Ha" as he entertains and educates his audiences, leaving them with real world insights and the tools they need to sell and succeed.  Click for Topics

Kat Flesh is the owner of IMPACT Personal Safety of San Diego. IMPACT Personal Safety is the largest full-contact self-defense company in the United States, and as such has been featured on: Oprah, Montel Williams, 48 Hours, and many other news related shows. Impact offers customized programs on personal empowerment for women, children, teens, men and the visually disabled. The children's program specializes in boundries and self-defense. Its programs have been delivered to everyone from women's associations and youth groups to corporate America, and all have experienced a positive, and lasting IMPACT!  Click for Topics

Freddie Pierce has molded his multiple talents for more than 25 years as an award-winning author, speaker and facilitator into an internationally-acclaimed career. Fred's decidedly unconventional methods have helped corporations and associations worldwide solve difficult issues. He skillfully uses a repertoire of ventriloquism, celebrity impersonations, music and magic to drive home his points. He believes in high participation retention, and you will too once you see him in action. His presentation style ensures that the ideas and skills he teaches are later recalled, and implemented in the workplace. Results are the bonus of his lively, entertaining presentations every time!  Click for Topics

SicilianoGene Siciliano, Your CFO for Rent, brings to the platform 30 years of successful management experience as a chief financial officer, management consultant, seminar leader, and professional speaker. A polished performer, his presentations are interactive, high energy, content-rich, and entertaining! Every program is packed with tools and tips that can be used immediately to make a difference in your business. Gene's down-to-earth style accelerates understanding, clarifies vision, and focuses on profitable results. His passion for his topic and his unique ability to demystify the subject of finance are readily apparent, prompting participants to say time and time again: "Hey, I can do that!"
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Don L. Price, author of Secrets of Personal Marketing Power, is a respected authority in the field of marketing and sales. An international speaker with a no-nonsense style, Don inspires, motivates and energizes individuals to peak performance. His customized programs blend time proven marketing methods with new age technology to focus on solutions to the specific challenges and concerns facing professionals today. Attendees leave his programs with action steps that create higher levels of sales, motivation and customer loyalty
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Jeannie Esposito: A marketing specialist who has built a solid reputation in the speaking industry for providing custom-crafted programs that are on-target with her clients' needs. Jeannie is president of ALLSTAR ALLIANCE, a full-service agency specializing in event ensembles and conference packages. She is the founder of Destination by Design, a company providing creative design services to speakers seeking to take their career to the next level. Jeannie provides individually developed, comprehensive marketing materials that work! An energetic entrepreneur with a passion fo helping others succeed, Jeannie is the creator of the popular seminar series, "Get Ready, Get Set, Get Booked!"  Click for Topics
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Lesley D. Bissett: A gifted speaker whose always exciting and often unpredictable life transitions translate into your success. Noted author of Going for the Gold, Client Finder, and Client Finder II, and founding President of The Success Group, Lesley ascends to the platform sharing a voice of experience forged in personal accomplishment and honed in corporate achievement. Lesley's path has taken her from the limelight of international skating star to the complacency of Sleeping Beauty to the prestige of senoir vice-president to the personal fulfillment of platform professional. Along the way she has listened, learned, and flourished. Her audiences benefit permanently!  Click for Topics

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